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50 years and 3 generations of ownership have made Sylvestre & Co. an award-winning agile qualitative research agency with global reach.

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Through our highly intentional qualitative research designs,
we build meaningful human-scale connections

Because our 'raison d'être' is to enhance the quality of life of all our stakeholders through our immersive fieldwork and knowledge translation, creating success for our clients, their teams and their brands.

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How we do it





Our Client's Journey


Each of our Custom Learning Journey begins with cultivating a deep understanding of our client’s research and business goals to ensure we build trusting business partnerships.


A Custom Learning Journey involves building consumer empathy in a meaningful way, whether that is via online activity-based bulletin boards, ethnography, shop-alongs, journey mapping, UX, co-labs, rapid tasting workshops or traditional focus groups; the possibilities and combinations are endless ! The key is to make it an engaging collaboration for all !


We leverage 50 years of accumulated expertise in translating insights into meaningful actionable recommendations. As experts in providing empowering consumer understanding, we apply a deep understanding of business strategy, marketing, anthropological theory, and cultural insights to make clear sense of consumers’ stories and lived experiences.

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Meaningful understanding lies in engaging storytelling. Our Custom Learning Journeys
culminate in knowledge translation that caters to each client and project, even designing empathy labs. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the traditional debrief to empower sound business strategies.

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Who are we ?

The heart of Sylvestre & Co. is its strong, united team. We strongly believe that we are better together and act accordingly. Always having each other's back, we know that collaborating to leverage our combined strengths makes doing what we love more meaningful to all involved.

For 50 years and three generations of owners, we have been pushing ourselves and our industry forward. Genuinely curious, never satisfied, and always looking to build deeper more meaningful connections, for us qualitative research is a lifestyle, an outlook on life that fuels our personal and professional lives forward.

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Our Awards

What do stakeholders say?

“Thank you all for a robust discussion today !! The session was well thought out and insightful so thank you Sylvestre for leading us through this exercise.”


“Sylvestre team – once again, we appreciate your partnership and the great insights you always bring to the table.”


“Every project deserves its own personalized team from Sylvestre&Co.”


“This was a lot of fun and I'm super excited to see what comes out of it.”


“Thanks for the great insight (both from the actual groups as well as the “free bonus” of your deep knowledge of the cultures in both regions).”


"Thanks very much for giving me this time and opportunity to discuss my life."


“Your superhuman abilities to empathize and channel our consumer voice through video is critical to our success”


“First, I cannot express our thanks and gratitude enough - from execution to field and delivery - you have outdone yourselves ! Your videos are impeccable, and the executives left with insights that will guide your upcoming launch. Bravo! It goes without saying that we look forward to working with you again! I can honestly say that you made this process seamless, incredibly enjoyable and collaborative. I look forward to working with you again."


“Being able to connect with our consumers in such an intimate setting was a very eye-opening experience.”


“I just wanted to tell you that you're the best researcher I've ever worked with. You're so thoughtful and articulate, concise, and precise, and there doesn't seem to be anything that anyone can bring up that you haven't already considered. It's incredibly impressive, and I feel lucky to get to work with you. Thanks again!”


“Thank you so much Isabelle for your great leadership on this project. I am really impressed with the quality of the project, whether in terms of moderation, analysis, reporting, managing the stakeholders or storytelling. Looking forward to working again with you!”


Thank you for having me, it has been really lovely chatting with you, you really made me feel welcome and at ease, you allowed me to be completely honest and very real.”


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2090, de la Montagne, suite 200
Montreal, QC H3G 1Z7

Telephone: 514-284-0878

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140, Yonge Street, suite 200
Toronto, ON M5C 1X6

Telephone: 416-860-5620

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