Each of our Custom Learning Journeys begins with cultivating a deep understanding of our client’s research and business goals to ensure we build trusting business partnerships.


A Custom Learning Journey involves building consumer empathy in a meaningful way, whether that is via online activity-based bulletin boards, ethnography, shop-alongs, journey mapping, UX, co-labs, rapid tasting workshops or traditional focus groups; the possibilities and combinations are endless! The key is to make it an engaging collaboration for all!


We leverage 50 years of accumulated expertise in translating insights into meaningful actionable recommendations. As experts in providing empowering consumer understanding, we apply a deep understanding of business strategy, marketing, anthropological theory, and cultural insights to make clear sense of consumers’ stories and lived experiences.


Meaningful understanding lies in engaging storytelling. Our Custom Learning Journeys culminate in knowledge translation that caters to each client and project, even designing empathy labs. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the traditional debrief to empower sound business strategies.

Our ways of Engagement

Culture and context are at the heart of each and every one of our Custom Learning Journeys. We tailor every research design to our clients’ needs and desires as the combinations and permutations of the qualitative research methods are endless!


Facilliated Workshops Virtual & In Person

Immersive Debriefs With Star Participant Panels

Ethnographic Film Reporting

Cultural Insights Workshops

How we do it